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Get to know your soul's story to heal yourself on a soul level to be in alignment

Remote session only

We all carry information from our past lives in our soul. This information can be accessed through the Akashic record.   Find out what your soul wants you to know to activate your soul gifts, understand your life lesson in this life time to be able to navigate your present life with ease and joy, support your soul path and soul mission with understanding on soul level to be in alignment to facilitate the healing process.  This is a reading from the higher perspective about your soul's story that belongs to you and it is your choice to open the wealth of information that is waiting to be known to you. Get in touch with me and I will bring in the reading that is to the point which will make sense to you. You can apply the newly gained knowledge to break out from the repeated patterns and open the gate way to receive cosmic support and abundance we all equally deserve in this life time.

Love and light with gratitude,


OPTION 1:I tune into your energy field remotely after I receive your questions.  ​Ask questions focused to yourself and your life. The best questions are starting with what, why and how. The transmission will be given through a phone call AFTER I channeled the information you want to know. I will be also sharing some spiritual guidancce and a message from your higherself. The phone call would be up to 50  minutes long.  Very through healing guidance.

Energy exchange $888 includes 3 questions.

Any additional question is $111 each added to $888 in the same session. This is done in TWO stages. I do non live reading and deliver to you the info that I downloaded through a live session for a deeper reading.

SUBMIT: Please provide your face shot of today with your full legal name, birthday, your email address, your intention and your questions.

Energy exchange $888 includes 3 questions.

Any additional question is $111 each added to $888 in the same session. Transmission delivery time is 77 minutes.


I contacted Yuko because of my old trauma and Yuko's reading was the same as what I saw in my past life regression hypnosis which I had with another light worker (which Yuko knew nothing about.)  Akashic reading with Yuko was amazing! I was very impressed by  the precision of her reading and her ability to see and feel things.  I highly recommend her. 

-Katarzyna, Poland

"Yuko is a highly empathic, highly sensitive, and highly motivated, fine tuned channel for akashic information. She is on point, brings the messages in an extremely compassionate, empathic way, with healing guidance and suggestions for the soul. She has found her own unique way of implementing akashic records work into her own practice and use these skills to serve others. She tunes into the records and gets immediate suggestions and information about the person's soul and their past lives and their current life and how they are connected.

To anyone considering consulting her for their healing journey, you will not regret it."

-Debra, Spain

"She is a great teacher. With gentle love and ferocious dedication and precision, she brought me to where I needed to be and gave me the tools to keep myself there."

I love you Yuko
-Alice, Costa Rica

(The Dragon Spirits Magic, Chakra Awareness Therapy, Akashic Healing Reading)

The Akashic record reading I received from Yuko for assistance around a repeating pattern that I've been experiencing was so beautiful and helpful. The reading was insightful and Yuko was very caring and supportive. She also delivered an amazing message from my higherself that was so uplifting and loving. I'm very grateful for Yuko and her amazing gifts!

-Lisa, NY

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