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Channeled Healing READING and GUIDANCE

Remote session only

In Sanskrit, Chakra means "disc" or "wheel" and it corresponds to the different energy centers in your body that are connected to particular organs and nerves system. These discs are spinning wheel of light and in order for us to feel good from within, the chakras need to be in balance. Blockages need to be cleared and over active ones need to be brought back to a balance.


Chakra reading tells you exactly what is going on in your life in terms of emotional and mental state, which would affect your action and the consequences from the choice of action that you take lead by your energy centers. Whatever comes up, you are ready to release and heal. This reading will give you ample information to understand what areas you need to work on and guides you to focus on traumas that need your attention and love for you to heal yourself. If this is calling for you,  I can find out how your chakras are doing through the remote reading. 

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HOW: I psychically tune into your 7 chakra centers (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root) and receive the visionary downloads and energetic information which I translate into words to find out how the energy in each chakra is doing in this moment that need to be known to you.  Readings will be given through a phone call AFTER I channeled the information you want to know which I work alone. Recording is optional upon request with an additional cost.

SUBMIT: Please provide your face shot of today with your full legal name, your email address, your intention.


I’ve had amazing spiritual experiences with Yuko. Not enough she’s a naturally gifted Channeler, but she is also an intuitive. She can sense the imbalances in your chakras by just being in your presence.  She’s amazing and everyone who gets to work with her is a lucky person.

Klara, Costa Rica

Yuko read her transmissions from each chakra which resonated with memories from the past. I was able to comprehend the energetic effect my unconscious blocking, self-blaming and shaming had had on my chakra system from years ago. This has allowed me to consciously create space between myself and external circumstances so I can respond in ways which best serve me emotionally, spiritually and energetically moving forward.  She, and her team of dragons reminded me who I am. She then shared powerful practices which I continue to use as both a reminder, and for protection against future energetic or psychic attacks. She is a great teacher. With gentle love and ferocious dedication and precision, she brought me to where I needed to be and gave me the tools to keep myself there.

I love you Yuko.

 Alice, Costa Rica

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