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Divinely Guided Channeled Dragon Spirits Energy Clearance and Protection Transmission

Remote session only and for EMERGENCY CARE or

for an annual energy clearance and protection. NOT available as a regular session.

As a healer, I felt the need to provide an offer where people can receive an immediate healing in the moment of energetic crisis or feeling stuck in chronic heaviness that one feels in dark place. This is the fastest and the most mystical, magical and potent healing energy transmission that I offer for souls who are in need of an urgent energy clearing and energy boost and protection in this moment to get through the heaviness of muck, grief, hurt, shock, fear, pain, sorrow, negative energy that you got stuck in.  Dragon Spirits know exactly what needs to be done energetically to enable you to tap into your own power that you need in this moment, so you can clear the blockages and gather your strength to keep moving towards your deeper healing journey ahead.  This is an urgent quick and powerful energy clearing and protection of your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional body to get through this moment with energetic support you need from the Dragon spirits. 

Please note that this offer is NOT offered as a regular healing transmission.  It is a potent transmission and the energy transmission and the wisdom passed on is enough to process and integrate for the next few months.

The Dragon Spirit Magic Energy Transmission does NOT  heal deep rooted traumas as it needs to be addressed individually with your awareness. For trauma healing, please check  THE HEALING ALCHEMY MENTORSHIP energy transmission offers. 

The Dragon Spirit Magic brings in Chi flow to your chakras, clears heaviness and supports you with  much needed love energy to protect you. You may feel more grounded, light, peaceful and happy feelings in your heart, a sense of deep knowing, calmness, etc., and flow of powerful new energy to support you keep going with your healing journey and path of empowerment for deeper healing ahead. 


​Trust in divinely guided healing energy transmission. When you allow, the Dragons will be there to support you.

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SUBMIT: SUBMIT: Please provide your face shot of today with your full legal name, why you need this service and your intention.



"The Dragon Spirits Magic session with Yuko was for me, miraculous! Most of my life (50 years! ) has been filled with self-doubt, self sabotaging, thoughts and actions, deep seated hurts that turned to blockages and feelings of heaviness in certain areas of my body. What I experienced directly (and it continues) after the session was a feeling of pure energy flow through my body, feeling so much clearer, lighter than I had really ever experienced.
Along with that came new feelings of confidence, and nearly no self-doubt.


Such an incredible feeling to feel for the “1st time.
To me, for  me - this is priceless!!"
Kitty, Lake Chelan, WA

"Yuko's healing was incredible! I've already been impressed by her visual art,and after finding out she was doing energy work too, I was very interested. When a big life challenge came,I was happy to ask her help - and the most amazing thing was that she had already felt my vibe! Even if U don't believe in dragons, I would strongly suggest this treatment - because it totally changed my energy and also energy in my home!😮 Before the session I was very restless,burdened with worries and pretty exhausted. After the session I've been feeling strong,grounded,determined yet calm,and somehow everything is clear. I asked strength and clearance to move on in life, and that's what I totally got! Also talking about mundane issues and traumas after the session was very soothing. Yuko is a lovely person, strong, kind and very professional I got good instructions how to integrate these energies during the following days, and I could handle my life challenges with a brand new calm & grounded strength. Now it's 3rd day after the healing, and this wonderful vibe still keeps on guiding me. I feel great. Will definitely trust her healing in future too."

Thank U Yuko,I love U!!!

Soili, Finland

"I reached out to Yuko in a time when I really needed support. I felt shaken by my external world and had fallen out of alignment triggered by fear. I received a Dragon Spirit Magic healing energy transmission before the Chakra Awareness and Akashic Healing therapy later in the day which completed the powerful energy shift. I could feel the dragons' energies begin to work on me. It was a very powerful experience and I physically felt a clearing and cleansing of each of my chakra energy centres. Initially I felt light headed and then a clear calm and deep knowing took over as I almost stood beside myself and became my energy body."

Thank you Yuko. 

Alice, Costa Rica

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