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Custom Personalized Lightcodes Art
Your Personal DNA Activation Portal
It’s a portal to your soul that connects you directly to the Source.
A pillar of what holds us to come into ourselves.
I am guided to bring this work to the forefront of energy healing work.
to heal, to release, to receive, to discover, to cul
tivate,  to align
through JOY of being in present with your body.

I am realizing that this intended energy activation transmission is
the BASE of all the energy work that the  individuals can work  on their own coming into their body to experience the Divine presence
within and tapping into their soul truth of who they really are

through meditation,breath work, movements, dance, sound healing , visuaization, and more,
which magic I will share.
It’s fundamental energetic Magic we all deserve to have access to.

Get your Original custom LIghtcode and Healing activation MEDICINAL Art created by Yuko Adachi

This is a custom order for a PERSONAL LIGHTCODES ENERGY ACTIVATION TRANSMISSION  to bring in the energetic support you are looking  for by using your body through the Magic of cultivating the lightlanguage that I am going to pass on to you. WE NEED TO USE OUR BODY IN ORDER TO EMBODY AND SHIFT OUR ENERGY AND EXPAND OUR CONNECTION TO OURSELVES THROUGH THE CONNECTION TO THE SOURCE.


Just by looking at the personal energy code of your desired intention, it activates the necessary energy within to align with your being and triggers this sense of deep calling to connect within. It also raises the frequency of the environment. 


How does it work ?  I can tap into your soul lightcodes, your intended soul energy vibration with your permission. Then I ask your higherself to show me the visual energy code of your intended energy that you want to activate within your energy system to support your healing process and coming into your soul alignment. (You have to tell me what you want to activate in advance.)

Then, I receive a clear vision of the energetic movements like a crystalline scupture, as well as energy vibration and frequency running through my body. 

This is a high frequency “personalized visual medicine” and many more hidden magics which I share what I know to the souls who requested to receive this powerful personal activation medicine. But to depend only on my resource is limiting.  It is the invitation from the Universe that whoever is ready to work with your own activation codes, you are here to cultivate and discover what is coming through the codes that assist you in tapping into your soul truth and share the magic,

so we can all contribute to the soul expansion journey through this portal.

It is vibrationally very direct and powerful way to immediately stimulate  the intentional activation of your targeted desire which energy I conceived during the energy code channeling process.  The energy code will bring in much needed stable energetic frequency to activate your energy field that you are ready to open up to your highest potential. The daily integration practice will also facilitate opening up your creativity to be in the flow state as you allow your energy body in the freedom of fluidity.


My guide described it as follows: "It is a collection of lightcodes packed into one imagery to activate multiple sensations and awareness into our being in one glance… To activate and stabilize our newly awakening and awakened part of our DNA…"


The Personal DNA Activation Lightcodes Embodiment

Freehand Channeled Personal Energy lightcode Pen sketch
on paper
8.5 x 11.5 inches

21.5 x 30 cm

Through the personal energy lightcode activation transmission,
you get:

1. 1:1 Consultation of up to 50 minutes through the combination of texts messages and live video.

2. The actual original energy lightcodes activation transmission art.

3. Divinely guided channeled transmission.

4. SoulWork questions specific
for your growth for internal guidance work.

5. Up to 80 minutes 1:1 Magic transmission t
hrough live video.

6. TWO Recorded audio guidance and support.

7.  3
0 minutes follow up for integration  support.

DM if interested and for more details.
Let us begin

option 2
Let us integrate 

option 3
Let us embody


image1 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Freehand Channeled Personal Energy lightcode Pen sketch
on paper
8.5 x 11.5 inches

21.5 x 30 cm


Freehand Channeled Personal Energy code Sacred
Cosmic Mandala on
20 x 20 cm


IMG_0196 (1).jpg

Freehand Channeled Personal Energy code Cosmic Mandala on paper


Freehand Channeled Personal Energy code Mandala ART on paper


Freehand Channeled Personal Energy code SOUL ART on paper


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