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Remote and in person session available

Support bringing a balance to your chakras by understanding your energy in each chakra through

the DIVINELY GUIDED CHAKRA HEALING ALIGNMENT READING and receive the crystal reiki channeled energy healing transmission in the same session addressing your issue of your concern. Allowing the power combo of the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and beautiful healing crystal vibration and frequency

to work in team. 

Healing Crystal MEDICINE  will be carefully and specifically chosen for your need and for your intention to bring in the magic. They will be placed directly upon your body or on a proxy in the remote healing. Receive deep understanding and insight of how your energy centers are doing, and healing light of love, deep relaxation, energetic healing support that you need in this moment.

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HOW: I will provide you with the questionnaires which need your focused attention to answer. Give yourself a half a day to work on it. Then I will get back to you if I need to still interact with you before the session. Otherwise you show up at the time of the session in person or online if remote, and I already have all the personalized crystals prepared for your healing journey. 

I will lay all the crystal medicine directly on your body. If in distance, it will be put on a proxy. Then I will start going to your chakra centers from the crown to the root. I receive visions and messages and I use automatic writing to download the information that your energetic body wants you to know. These information will be delivered at the end of the session along with the divinely guided channeled message from your higherself.

Then I go to each chakra to send the universal healing light energy. Followed by using  crystals and the pendulum to clear the energy blockages, so your chakra is all in the beautiful flow again. 

You will be experiencing a deep relaxation and healing light energy coming into your energetic body on cellular level. And with the insightful information for your chakra centers, it will give you pointers and clear focus on your necessary healing work ahead to support your soul empowerment journey of becoming who you truly are. 


I NEED 3 DAYS TO PREPARE BEFORE THE SESSION DATE  ( A lot goes behind the scene.)

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I chose to go on a Chakra Awareness journey with Yuko and it was truly an incredible and soulfully enriching experience. Yuko is such an amazing human and I have so much gratitude that I have crossed paths with her. I have always been open minded to energy work, however, very cautious of who to explore that with. Yuko instantly made me feel comfortable in her presence and provided a safe space to speak what was on my mind and heart. The day of our appointment, as soon as I walked into her healing room which had my customized crystal set up laid out already, I felt an instantaneous pull for release. I felt a vibrational impact with every stone she laid on me as I wandered through what was needed, without exactly realizing what that would be. Tears streamed down my face as waves of emotions rolled over me.

When the session was over, I felt immensely lighter, clearer, balanced, and just full of pure love. I shared my insights with her of what I experienxed throughout my journey, and then she shared what she had seen and written during my session and I felt like she was spot on and read me and my energy like a book.

Yuko is truly a remarkable divine being. She has an incredibly gift in which she works with the purest intentions. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in exploring deeper into themselves and look forward to working with her in the future.

This journey with Yuko has been such an amazing and transformational experience and I will truly never forget it.

Khala. Colorado, USA

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