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Blue Butterfly

Energy Healing Transmission

The Dragon Spirits Magic session with Yuko was for me, miraculous! Most of my life (50 years! ) has been filled with self-doubt, self sabotaging, thoughts and actions, deep seated hurts that turned to blockages and feelings of heaviness in certain areas of my body. What I experienced directly (and it continues) after the session was a feeling of pure energy flow through my body, feeling so much clearer, lighter than I had really ever experienced.

I truly love Yuko.

Kitty, Lake Chelan, WA, USA

ready for self love/ shadow work

When I made the appointment with Yuko,  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I never had worked with an intuitive crystal healer before. But the Universe has its way of sending us its messages and puts some people, like angels in our path and then it is good to listen.  I am very glad I chose “Ready for Self Love/Shadow Work“. I have had a treatment series consisting of 5 session with Yuko’s crystal and reiki healing and always left the session feeling more centred and reassured.  The time with Yuko was very special and became a total pillar during my stay in Nosara.  During the whole sessions I was in a deeply relaxed state, in some moments I would process some heavy feelings until they got lighter. I was able to work through  sometimes the difficult relationship to my father and was able to anchor a positive male archetype inside of me. Her intuitive gifts make it possible to receive feedback and powerful symbolism to frame what I brought to the table.

I can truly recommend to give yourself in the care of Yuko’s healing practice. She is so loving and so devoted to her clients healing process, it is very touching to feel her love and passion for the healing she allows to flow. I feel I not only found a highly gifted therapist but also a friend, someone I truly trust.

Lisa, Germany

I contacted Yuko because of my old trauma and Yuko's reading was the same as what I saw in my past life regression hypnosis which I had with another light worker (which Yuko knew nothing about.)  Akashic reading with Yuko was amazing! I was very impressed by  the precision of her reading and her ability to see and feel things.  I highly recommend her.


Katarzyna, Poland

I had a crystal Reiki session with Yuko and it was remarkable! It was unlike any other experiences I've had.  The deep relaxation, pure affection and positive energy I felt from the beginning to the end was extraordinary.

She is a truly gifted human being and really good at what she does. During the session she combines her channelling abilities with energy and crystal healing therapy to help you find the balance from inside out, to find inner peace and your own clarity.

I left the session already transformed. I felt lightness, happiness, inner strenght and highly reconnected to myself.

Yuko, thank you for sharing with us your gift of healing and great compassion. You are the most radiant, passionate and empathetic Soul I've ever met. 

Kashia, Switzerland

Working with Yuko is truly a one of a kind experience!  As I’ve worked with various  Reiki healers in New York City over the years with some of the best.  I’ve never experienced a Crystal Reiki Healing session such as this method.  During this unique session I felt vibrations rippling throughout my body letting go of what I didn’t serve me as tears streamed down my face.  When the session came to a close the information that Yuko provided me with after was in truest form, priceless. Deep realizations tears... insights that where simply profound to help guide me towards my true north!  I’m honored & grateful to have worked with Yuko!

In closing, I’ll say that Yuko is many things and that she has a beautiful ~ divine gift!  She’s an angelic intuitive that can channel to higher source and deliver the messages with poetic discernment.  I have no doubt that when you work with Yuko it will be life-changing for you in the best of ways.


Chris Sams, NY

dragon spirits magic

I reached out to Yuko in a time when I really needed support. I felt shaken by my external world and had fallen out of alignment triggered by fear. I received a Dragon Spirit Magic healing energy transmission before the Chakra Awareness and Akashic Healing therapy later in the day which completed the powerful energy shift. I could feel the dragons' energies begin to work on me. It was a very powerful experience and I physically felt a clearing and cleansing of each of my chakra energy centres. Initially I felt light headed and then a clear calm and deep knowing took over as I almost stood beside myself and became my energy body. Thank you Yuko.


Alice, Costa Rica

image4 (1).jpeg

Yuko was methodical, thorough and explained clearly her process for chakra healing. What was required of me was deep trust and surrender to the process. I experienced many animal visitors and felt shifts in my physical body in areas which usually bother me. Stuck energy dissipated and after the session I felt re-awakened and empowered. I was back. Yuko then read her transmissions from each chakra which resonated with memories from the past. I was able to comprehend the energetic effect my unconscious blocking, self-blaming and shaming had had on my chakra system from years ago. This has allowed me to consciously create space between myself and external circumstances so I can respond in ways which best serve me emotionally, spiritually and energetically moving forward.  She, and her team of dragons reminded me who I am. She then shared powerful practices which I continue to use as both a reminder, and for protection against future energetic or psychic attacks. She is a great teacher. With gentle love and ferocious dedication and precision, she brought me to where I needed to be and gave me the tools to keep myself there.

I love you Yuko


Alice, Costa Rica

Chakra Awareness

I had the honor to have experienced one of Yuko's crystal healings, Chakra Awareness. She has a natural gift and knows how to hold a very safe space. I felt in good hands the whole session and was able to release some deep wounds. I felt also very supported afterwards for the integration that is very important for this kind of work. Thank you Yuko for sharing your gifts to the world. You are one of the rare and gifted ones 🙏.

Myranda, Costa Rica

I’ve had amazing spiritual experiences with Yuko. Not enough she’s a naturally gifted Channeler, but she is also an intuitive. She can sense the imbalances in your chakras by just being in your presence. Yuko did an AKASHIC reading for me where I asked her a very specific question . She gave me exactly the same answer as my other psychic friend did. She’s amazing and everyone who gets to work with her is a lucky person.

Klara, Costa Rica

ready for self love/ shadow work

I've recently experienced Yuko's wonderful 1:1 mentorship from her shadow work course program. Unlike a traditional one-sized-fits-all generic program, my 2-month journey with Yuko was carefully curated and customized to accommodate my unique spiritual, emotional, and physical healing needs.

Within this program, you have a dedicated, personal guide in Yuko. She will gently navigate you through old emotional traumas and wounds, help release trapped/stagnant emotions (that can manifest itself in the form of physical unwellness), and transmute  any negative energy into that of positive-flowing energy.

With genuine sincerity I can say there is no particular service that outweighs the other -  everything within this program is impeccably balanced. The 1:1 discussions are fruitful with spiritual wisdom, useful tips, and helpful life advice. The shamanic sessions offer profound, deep healing for the weary soul. The energy healing sessions provide much welcoming nourishment and refreshment for the mind and body. The cord-cutting session immediately emboldens you with emotional freedom, joyful release, and liberation from an energetically-draining relationship dynamic. And when you add Yuko's exceptionally warm and caring demeanor to all of this, you feel like you have a close, protective ally who is fiercely determined to see you thrive and flourish in life. In a nutshell, if you're aching to hit a soul "reset" button, this program is the way.

Christine H.
Los Angeles, CA.

Shamanic Extrusion

Ready For Self Love

Yuko is pure magic, extremely gentle and very powerful. As a crystal lover myself, I was excited to see her shelves of working crystals, and also her singing Bowls. She used these tools and more during my healing session. I love the way  Yuko made the healing interactive, in this  she help me take some of my own power back so that I can continue to aid in my own healing. I had some very deep and long held heavy blockage in my sacral and solar plexus chakras that she help me clear.

I am so very thankful for that.


Yuko goes far and above the healers I have seen in the past and her support outside the healing session is unsurpassed. I 100%  recommend Yuko to anyone who is seeking healing.

       Kitty, Lake Chelan,WA, USA

Colorful Diamond

My crystal healing experience with Yuko was a journey to the depths of my soul.
She is a great shaman, very conscientious and dedicated to her work.
She guided me in a very peaceful and luminous meditation to find my true divinity... and once it penetrated my soul... I recognized the divinity that is in me and I received many messages... many.
Once Yuko finished her work as a channel she gave me a loving return of what she had received as a message to me.
And it was very emotional for me, for her and her husband Andy, who translated for me in Spanish, to recognize, in that message that she had written in a notebook, the same message that my soul gave me on the journey of healing.
Yuko is a very pure channel.  And she is very connected with her guides, they are a luminous team.  I could feel it.  I was also able to perceive the astral surgery that she performed on me with a quartz, all over my chest and back.
Yuko does the healing in a safe and harmonic space, she feels the energy... and above all her dedication to choose and prepare the crystals according to each need.
I put an intention to my healing and that channel was really opened in Yuko... to receive through her a lot of light energy and a lot of love.
Thank you Yuko for your loving and sincere return.
It is a rebirth for my soul.
Infinite thanks .
I love you.

Pia, Argentia

Yuko is a truly gifted psychic and healer. She was spot on with her transmission about a challenging situation I am facing. The way she broke down the reading was clear and to the point, providing key insight to me as well as guidance as I processed the information.

I felt that Yuko was channeling messages from the Divine without a doubt. I have worked with very accomplished and known psychics in NY and NJ in the past and felt that Yuko’s work was at the highest level.

Yuko’s use of crystals, automatic writing, and other modalities gave the reading even more depth and richness.

I would recommend Yuko’s work as a psychic and healer to anyone who needs clarity and/or guidance with life challenges.

          Rachel B, NJ, USA



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