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Introduction to Yuko Adachi's Art
The Multidimensional/Cosmic Perspective


"Yuko is a clear channel for higher energies. Her art is inspired by higher knowledge and carries a lot of healing light codes and harmonizing properties for those beholding it.

She opens herself up to receive the art as it wants to come forward for the people who it's meant to be presented to. You can look at her as a "translator". She opens herself up, as a vessel for spirit/inspiration/energy to flow through, which she then processes inside of her and transforms into gorgeous pieces of art carrying light codes which activate the soul, and that have their healing effect and an unlocking of soul knowledge on the people witnessing it. By working like this, she offers people the opportunity to experience the connection that she experiences when fine tuning herself like a tuning fork, to these higher realms. Giving you the opportunity to create a connection of your own, with these beautiful energies, through her visual art.

Having her work around you, will cause you to get activated by the lines and colors and shapes she uses, and it will create harmony within, and an awakening to a deep connection inside of you, to the great source of which we all come from."

By Debra Lemaire, Spiritual Mentor, Celestial Historian, Channel

"I came across Yuko’s Art during Energy Healing Workshops I was facilitating in year 2020.


Yuko kindly asked me to bring her Art on my Workshops as a side element to support the sessions I was facilitating. My intuition immediately said YES – and so I did.


What in reality is the ART?


Independently if we consider e.g., music, sculpture or painting?


Everything is a vibration, frequency, energy.

The sound-energy - is more tangible by our conscious mind – because we hear it, enjoy it, it influences our mood and state of being.


The shape-energy - is having the unique frequency of the geometry that our subconscious recognizes and knows. Which can be measured through magnetic pole or used in radionics and dowsing. As sacred symbols or sacred geometry, we can see them however not always we perceive them and understand them as such.

The color-energy, very powerful force of frequency. We choose colors intuitively in our life: what to wear, how to paint the place we are living in… animals often communicate through colors. Each color has own, possible to measure frequency – Frequency of Light.


When I saw beautiful paintings of Yuko on my Workshops, initially, I just wanted to connect with them and, to my surprise, almost immediately I have entered the altered state of mind (trans) with visions and messages that were coming through.  I have immediately understood that her paintings were PORTALS with clean and pure energy within.


However, they are even MORE than that!


Only few months later, during private Energy Healing Sessions I had facilitated for Yuko, I received the download and clearly have seen what in reality ARE the Portals expressed in her Art.


"Divine Portals of the Light Codes!"

Light Codes, that change, adapt to the needs and current reality of the person watching it and the frequency the person can withhold and integrate. Light Codes with aim to heal, transmute, transform and upgrade the current Divine Codes the person is withholding.  As an Energy Practitioner and Channeler, my heart fulfilled with pure Love and Joy for having such a gift on Earth available to everyone thanks to Yuko’s Art.


Yuko is creating her art with a clean and clear intention of bringing healing, unconditional love and support the Ascension process of all of us.  Intention, that thanks to her own High Frequency becomes a channel, a magical bridge between the Earth and the Source, to open up the Portals for the Divine Light Codes.


If you are searching the tools that will allow your Inner and Soul’s Growth through Healing, Transformation and Activation, in a tender yet deep way, Yuko’s Art is definitely what you are searching for! With love and deep gratitude for All the Light you are channeling through your Divine Art."

 By Monika Sochan, Spiritual wellness facilitator, shaman, channel


Introduction to Yuko Adachi's Art
The Art Historical Eyes

Yuko Adachi has a strong signature style that sets her apart and makes her art recognizable and memorable. Her work pushes the boundaries of contemporary art genres as it successfully encompasses both spiritual and abstract elements. Her aim is to create unique forms of non-representational visual expressions imbued with the vibration of deep-rooted energy. 


The delicate and sensitive, yet distinctive bold organic movements and forms in her art can be traced back to an early childhood Japanese calligraphy training where creativity and sensibility emerge from the calmness of the mind. Working in series, she harmoniously combines a broad and colorful palette with unique free-flowing organic shapes, unfolding her timeless creative imagination that is possible only when being one with the present moment.

Her spiritual and cross-cultural life experiences from young age have been feeding her innate artistic expressions to be manifested on the visual level with authenticity that speaks directly to viewers across all ages and genders, as each artwork is filled with energy of love for life, the universe and fellow human beings.

Although highly subjective and unique, Yuko Adachi’s approach can be related to other spiritually based creative expressions and to some of the most innovative art historical movements.


Indeed, the Buddhist practice of painting mandalas, is not only the expression of a century-old religious world-view but is also a meditative act for the artist. Traditionally mandalas represent the ideal form of the universe. The mandala not only helps the artist to progress into deeper levels of unconsciousness and to experience the oneness with the cosmos, it also helps the viewer to reflect upon his inner state of the moment. Although using a different visual language, Yuko Adachi’s can be compared to this motion. Her paintings are not representational, they are experienced realities, captured emotions.

Charged with symbolic and spiritual meaning, the great pioneers of abstract art Hilma Af Klint and Wassiliy Kandinsky both created works in which the forms and the colours have deeper meanings. Immersed in theosophy and anthroposophy they painted in bright tones, featuring curlicues, spirals, flower shapes, organic elements. Through their art Af Klint and Kandinsky hoped to enlighten others about their environment and the inherent connections between life at the micro and the macro levels, just like how Yuko Adachi is doing with her art. By further pushing and developing these elements, she manages to create dreamy, powerful and immersive works, which invite us to delve into her mystic world and to broaden our vision of ourselves.

by Marie-Christine Iacopetta, Art historian

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