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Visionary Lightcode Channel | Intuitive Energy Shamanic Dragon  Healer | Akashic Healing Guide   

  Hello sistars and star brothers
I am a source messenger and activator of lightcodes.
I integrate it in art and energy healing Transmission work that I offer.

Hello world! I  was born in Tokyo and was raised in Japan, Paris, London and the USA. I came here on Earth with a mission at this particular time of planetary ascension to be in service by tapping into my soul gifts of unlimited flow of creativity as a visionary as well as an energy healer to bring the abundance of our true soul essence to facilitate the process of ascension. 

I connect to the higher realm and I channel and download the lightcodes. I carry the knowledge of lightcodes through my past life experiences which enables me to easily connect to it upon will. I tune into the vibration and frequency of the lightcodes and I am able to deliver my energetic experience of the lightcodes into a form of art  as a clear vessel through my soul gifts along with a trained refined artistic skills.

My art is like that of a stone medicine where crystals affect us energetically to heal us and elevate our consciousness. My art is a VISIONARY MEDICINE.  It will open and activate your energy that is meat to happen through the energetic resonanace, so that you can tap into your higher divne self and bring much healing that is needed at this time to your energy field and to your heart and mind for your highest good. 

I assist in the spiritual journey for the soul clients for healing traumas, bringing in soul alignment, empowerment, soul gift activation, soul expansion and remembrance of who we are through the powerful energy transmission through my lightcode activation art and intuitive healing energy work. 

Lightcode Activation is the Universal healing language of souls which fundamentally liberates our mind to experience the eternal truth of what we are and who we are through its healing energetic vibration and frequency.

The divinely guided lightcodes heal and activate the dormant DNA to assist your soul to connect with the Source in order to ignite your own radiance and remembrance of who you are born to be as you embody the resonance of the lightcodes. YOU ARE THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE SOURCE; a sovereign, authentic, beautiful divine being of love and light. I am here to be in service with all my heart.

Love and light with gratitude,




-Custom Order Personal Lightcode Activation Symbols and Art

-Custom Order Lightcode  Activation Mandala embodying your intention

-Custom Order Art You Envision

-Purchase Original Lightlanguage/ Lightcode Art



Yuko Adachi came into this life on a mission as a visionary lightcode channel to raise frequency of humanity and healing souls through channeled visionary lightcode activation art and was awakened to other  soul gifts as an energy healer and a channel/ psychic since 2021 where she works with healing crystal reiki energy and divinely guided channeled messages. 


Yuko studied at various art institutions and schools in England and the USA. Yuko has been recognized by the art world with many awards and reviews including the first prize from New England’s art magazine "Art Scope". The Manhattan Art International in New York awarded her work for Best in Painting in "Healing Power of Art". South End News nominated her public artwork in Boston for "Best Public Art."  Numerous works by Yuko were already acquired by private and institutional collections, corporations, and medical communities including well-known hospitals (Boston Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Boston), alternative medical practices and holistic clinics.


Yuko has been divinely guided to assist in spiritual healing, empowerment, remembering our soul essence, ligtcode activation and soul alignment through her art and energy healing work.  Yuko followed her heart and recently moved to Costa Rica from Switzerland with her family where she continues to dedicate her energy to bring in love and  light and healing to others hearts through lightcode activation art and channeled energy healing transmission.


  how art comes to me

I do not make any preliminary sketches for any artwork. I simply dive into the unknown with a clear intention and trust.  By detaching from every aspect of limitation,  I bring my mind to the present moment where I connect to the Source energy. I am then able to tap into the highest potential of my unique gift beyond the humanness. I intend to externalize the ultimate form of love and light energy on a visual level, transmitting beautiful high frequency lightcodes to touch your soul as I become a vessel to be in service for our highest good.




2019            "Liebes Leben", Bibliothek  Steinhausen, Zug, Switzerland

2011            "Celebration of NOW", Albright Gallery, Concord, MA, USA

2008            "Burst of Colors", Urban Living Studio, Boston, MA ,USA

2007            "Expression; The state of being", Keiko Gallery, Boston MA, USA

2006            "Dance in the bloom", ILEX, Boston, MA, USA

2004            "Messages", Berman Gallery, Watertown, MA, USA

2001            "Healing Art", MIT Kresage Auditorium, Cambridge, MA, USA


2009            "1+1", New England Bio Labs, Ipswich, MA, USA

2008            "Inside Out", Baak Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2006             Red river Trading Company, Boston, MA, USA

2001            "Awakening of the soul", Upstairs at Johnson Gallery, Boston , MA, USA


2016           "Kunst Supermarkt",Solothurn, Switzerland

2015           "Front of Bicycle", Galerie Katapult, Basel, Switzerland

2009           "Vivid wonders of startled imagination', MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA, USA

2009           "Three women", Mayor's Art Gallery,  Boston, MA, USA

2009           "Home is where art is", The Boston conventional and exhibition center, Boston, MA,USA

2008           "Art fair New Blood Art", The light box, London, UNITED KINGDOM

2008           "Flag", Lamarong Gallery, Huhhot, CHINA

2008           "Hit the deck SXSW', Austin , TX, USA

2008           "Hit the deck at WMC", Miami, FL, USA

2008           "Mixed plates plus metal", Venus Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

2008           "Future art 2008", The Mills Gallery at the BCA, Boston MA, USA 

2007           "Vision", Kathryn Shultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005           "Red", University Place Gallery, Lincoln, MA, USA

2005            Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2005           "Sound of Painting", Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005           "Boston Drawing Project", Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2005           "Cuatro", Mark Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005           "Contemporary Paintings", Gallery at City Square, Charleston MA, USA

2005           "18th Annual Drawing Show", The Mills Gallery at the BCA, Boston MA, USA 

2003           "Gift", Mark Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2003           "Works on paper", South Shore Art Center, Boston, MA, USA

2003           "Individualized", Artspace@16, Malden, MA, USA

2001           "Oppai Art", International Juried Exhibition", Kyoto, JAPAN

2001           "Between Lines", The FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

1999           "Nikaten", Tokyo, Japan


2009           Best Public Art, South End News Favorite 2009, South End, Boston, MA,

2009           Fellowship Grant, Vermont Art Center(Cancelled for my health reason), VT, USA

2008           Scholarship, Arts &  Business Council Greater Boston, USA 

2007           Best in painting, Healing Power of Art, Manhattan Art International, NY, USA

2007           1st Prize, Vernal Escape, Artscope Magazine, Juror: Britta Konau, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Linda  

                   Lamberston, The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art,C.Laferriere, Artscope Writer    

2007           Juror's Choice, "Vision", Juror, Clark Gallery Director, MA, USA

2006           Luminary Pick, The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Juror, Valerie Wilder Executive director  at Boston Ballet, MA, USA

2006           Fellowship Grant, Vermont Art Center, VT, MA, USA

2005           2nd Prize, "Red", Cambridge Art Association, International Competition, Cambridge, MA, USA

                   Juror, Nick Capasso at Decordova Museum of Arts

2004           2nd Prize, The 18th Annual Exhibition, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, USA

2003           Paul Goodnight Artist Grant, Continuing Education Drawing with Pau; Rahile           

1998           Full Scholarship for  exchange students program, The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA                

1998-2001  Dean's List, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, MA, USA

1998-2001  Merit Scholarship, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, MA, USA

1998           Full Scholarship for  exchange students program, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA


2019           Aspekte, September issue, p.16, Steinhausen, Switzerland

2010           LIVES, Vol.5,P.56,April/May issue, Daiichi Shuppan, Tokyo

2010           IN RED, P.50,September、Takarajima Shuppan,Tokyo

2010           Takara Magazine, July, August issue, cover art, Boston, MA, USA

2010           Imprevue, The Said and the Unsaid, May, No.2, Boston, MA, USA

2010           The Confident Creative, Cat Bennett, Findhorn press, London, United Kingdom

2009           MCLA Beacon, North Adams, MA, USA 

2009           North Adams Transcript, Imagination, North Adams, MA, USA

2009           Berkshire Fine Arts, Vivid wonders at MCLA Galley 51, North Adams, MA, USA

2008           The Metro, Boston, MA, USA

2008           The Berkeley Beacon, Online Article, Boston, MA, USA

2008           SOWA News Letter, Interview, March/April issue, South end Boston, MA, USA

2007           Takara Magazine, Interview, September, Boston, MA, USA

2007           Laconia Gazette News, fall issue, Boston, MA, USA

2007           Artscope, New England’s Culture Magazine, Center Fold, May/June, issues

2007           Takara Magazine, front cover for 2007, 11 issues, Boston, MA, USA

2005           Sampan New Paper, Interview: Speaking with Paint, Boston, MA, USA

2002           J Magazine, July issue, front cover, Boston, MA, USA

2001           J Magazine, October, April issue, front cover, Boston, MA, USA

2001           Boston Globe, City weekly, ”Gallery encourages art with a message”, 28th January, Boston, MA, USA


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