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Soul Healing + Healing Art

Spiritual Workshop Celebrating The Life Within

Facilitated By Yuko Adachi


Playa Pelada

9:00 am -12:30 pm

Healing From The Root

In this workshop, to get our physical, emotional and mental body ready for creating a healing art, I facilitated in brining healing energy to the ROOT chakra where we hold fear and we honor opening the Divine Feminine Energy, so the connection and the channel to express ourselves creatively with compassion opens up as we come into our roots.

I taught some healing techniques through breath work, visualization, and sound/vocal vibration to stay fresh and available to this present moment followed by giving  a group crystal medicine healing for our chakra system before moving on to healing art creation!

The next workshop (I started from the ROOT chakra and it goes up each time) is SACRAL healing and activation. Please let me know if you want to book your spot already! I can only take 3-4 participants!

Let’s activate our creativity supported by healing work first!

Love and light with gratitude,

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Soul CLient LOve

The creativity activation art workshop with Yuko was something very special.  It felt like a birthday gift to my soul.

It has been a longtime wish of mine to express myself freely through art and painting just as when I was younger and I did it so naturally. But the older I got, the more I perceived blockages and doubts around creating art.

First Yuko had us work energetically, opening the root chakra, chanting mantras, doing pranayama and laying on of crystals to get the energy flowing. It was already very beautiful to feel the energy moving trough my body and the mind letting go of its grip through these practices.

Then we went into the second part of hands-on art creation which was my favorite. She shared her approach to creating art as a healing tool for ourselves.  Yuko gave us so many practical tips, and ways to help me loose the fear of expressing, creating, showing myself, and being daring.

It was liberating and transformational. She has so much experience as an artist.  It was so fun to sit and create art with others. And I felt free and able to use my creativity and was very happy with the outcome.

It felt very healing to have been able to unlock myself.

Of course I want to keep on it now and practice more at home, and with Yuko’s  help I feel I have now tools that I can always come back to!

A blockage has been melted.  I highly recommend her unique approach!

Lisa, Costa Rica

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