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Visionary Lightcode  Channel | Intuitive Energy Shamanic Dragon Healer | Akashic Healing Guide   

  Hello sistars and star brothers

     I am a source messenger and activator of lightcodes.
I integrate it in art and energy healing Transmission work that I offer.

When I was a little girl, I would go visit my grand parents in the Kyushu island of Japan every summer and I would sleep in my grandma's beautiful Japanese traditional room over  tatami mats. It smelt so good  and I felt safe in her room. As we turn off the lights to go to sleep, we chatted every night in the midst of what felt like a deep silence with gentle sounds of crickets singing in the background in the hot Japanese summer. 


My grand mother would tell me a memory from her life and sometimes she would start sharing some stories that is deeply seated in her heart that she would not tell anyone otherwise. The stories she shared with me were filled with her emotions which she usually kept it for herself. I remember I would respond to her and she replies with always in the same manner with amazement and awe: "You little girl, how can you understand me so well and the words you speak are so wisdom filled. How does  this come to you?" and I do not remember what I exactly told her but  I would say something in the line of  "because I understand" and we both giggle and fall asleep.  The time I shared with my grandma was special. Not only the beautiful time I shared with her,  but also because I can now recall the side of me that I never had a chance to share with anyone growing up besides  her and my grand pa. I was a born empath and a healer. I also remember clearly the day I healed my grandpa by intuitively sending healing energy from my hands when he was at a hospital. I knew hands can heal people even though nobody taught me. I created a painting at the time which I wish I still had today with healing energy coming out of a hand with a vase next to it to hold its healing energy like a medicine inside.  I was divinely guided both in my art creation and healing. As I grew bigger, my creativity took over me and my art blossomed while I forgot about the healing power that I have. 

It was in the year of 2021,  I suddenly woke up one morning and felt that I want to directly heal people using energy healing and not only from my lightcode healing art. Once I was determined, everything lined up in synchronicity. I became a reiki practitioner while getting an intensive training as a certified crystal healer. Then I felt the pull to get to know healing through the Archangels' energy training, but more intense pull into a shamanic healing was calling. So I became a certified shamanic healer connecting to my inner knowing guided by combined with learnt skills. Within a short period of time, I was able to reconnect to my divine path as a healer. I am a pure channel. My interest is in spreading the contagious joy of creative energy through healing work in art and enegrgy healing to assist soul clients to live in full light. 


My psychic ability also got activated and I was fully awakened to my soul mission as a clear channel to bring in lightcodes through energy healing and through art that I create.  I started remembering my soul past as a shaman, high priestess, mystic and crystal healer. I also remember a sense of not having a physical body as I came from another Universe before I came to the Earth. 


I came here on Earth at this particular time of planetary ascension to be in service by tapping into my soul gifts of unlimited flow of creativity and abundance of our true soul essence to facilitate the process of ascension. I assist in the spiritual journey for the soul clients for healing traumas, bringing in soul alignment, empowerment, soul gift activation, soul expansion and remembrance of who we are through the powerful energy transmission through my lightcode activation art and intuitive healing energy work using healing crystals, reiki, crystalline light of Christ consciousness, dragon energy and shamanic healing practices. 

Lightcode Activation is the Universal healing language of souls which fundamentally liberates our mind to experience the eternal truth of what we are and who we are through its healing energetic vibration and frequency.

The divinely guided lightcodes heal and activate the dormant DNA to assist your soul to connect with the Source in order to ignite your own radiance and remembrance of who you are born to be as you embody the resonance of the lightcodes. YOU ARE THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE SOURCE; a sovereign, authentic, beautiful divine being of love and light. I am here to be in service with all my heart.

Love and light with gratitude,


Contact me for details (ALL OFFERS ARE AVAILBLE IN A DISTANCE except for sound healing session. ENERGY HAS NO BOUNDARY.)


-Custom Order Personal Lightcode Activation Art for your targeted inention/ Personal  Energy code

-Custom Order Lightcode  Activation Mandala embodying your intention

-Custom Order Art You Envision

-Purchase Original Lightlanguage/ Lightcode Art



-Akashic Healing Reading Guide

-Chakra Alignment Reading

-Divenely Guided Messages

-Spiritual guidance and mentorship



-Feel connected to your soul

-Self love through Shadow Work

-Heal old traumas and wounds

-Releasing Energetic Blockages

-Deep Relaxation and Healing

-Shift Energy to Positive Frequency 

-Soul alignment


-Bring the Magic back



-Chakra Energy Blockage Clearance

-Dragon energy protection

-Grounding energy transmission

-Wisdom and channeled message

-Possible healing crystal suggestions


-Soul Retrieval

-Psychic surgery

-Gaia healing

-Ancestral healing

-Time line healing

-4 elemental healing


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Yuko Adachi was born in Tokyo and was raised in Japan, Paris, London and the USA. She came into this life on a mission as a visionary lightcode channel to raise frequency of humanity and healing souls through channeled visionary lightcode activation art and was awakened to other  soul gifts as an energy healer and a channel/ psychic since 2021 where she works with healing crystal reiki energy, shamanic healing practices, sound healing and divinely guided channeled messages. 

Yuko has been divinely guided to assist soul clients since 2021 on site and remotely for spiritual healing, empowerment, remembering our soul essence and soul alignment.  Yuko followed her heart and recently moved to Costa Rica from Switzerland with her family where she continues to dedicate her energy to bring in love and  light and healing to others hearts through lightcode activation art and channeled energy healing transmission.


Thank you for your trust in me and mw work.

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