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Everything is energy

Trauma is energy stuck in your energy body. In my healing practice, I physically assist in transmuting, activating, removing, releasing and transmitting energy depending on your need through energy healing transmission therapy. Surrender to the power of energy healing through the magical offers below.

 Hi, I am Yuko,
an Intuitive 
Shaman Soul Healer
a Lightcodes Activation Channel

I tap  into what best serves you in this present moment, as no single healing is the same. So what is required of you is that you trust and surrender to what I can bring through me from the divine energy to facilitate your healing process in the present moment that cannot be known in advance.
That is where the magic comes in.

It is an individual empowering journey of healing and receiving lightcodes frequency to upgrade your energy to let you be free and shine in your own light, embracing your authenticity of being who you truly are.

My gifts are: visionary lightcodes channel, crystal reiki intuitive shamanic healing, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience,  spiritual wellness guide, divinely guided medium, dragon spirit healing, Akashic chakra healing guide  and my mission is expanding as I am aligning more to who I am, so that I can be in the best service for what I came here to do.
Thank you for your trust in me and in my work.

Love and light with gratitude, ,Yuko

I am for real.
Allow yourself receive healing that you deserve. Healing is a choice of self-love. You are worthy. Invest in your soul wellness, soul healing and soul alignment. I will take you on to an empowering deep dive soul healing journey.
Take back your power and trust in your innate ability to heal  yourself.


My work is a layered healing energy transmission therapy work. I only offer a single session after you had an initial consultation and completed a necessary base set of healing offer of your choice unless it is DRAGION MAGIC for emergency or READING or if I feel that your body is ready to integrate

the new transformational energy shifting work.

We are a spiritual being in a physical body. It is not easy to navigate life with sovereignty and joy, when you feel disconnected to your inner truth being blocked by trauma from this lifetime, ancestral lineage and the past/parallel lives.

I am here to assist you in a healing, spiritual journey of self love, so you feel empowered and in alignment by remembering and connecting to your beautiful soul essence of love and light. We all deserve to live a happy life deeply supported by the abundance of the universal energy, and it is only possible by going inwards. You do not need to do it alone.

I am here for you with all my heart.

Love and light with gratitude,

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